We offer a full range of services, ensuring we meet the specific requirement of every customer.

Our rough manufacturing is closely linked to the demands of the polished market.

Rough Services

Today, we link our rough manufacturing closely to the demands of the polished market. We also offer a range of additional services, to ensure we meet the specific needs of every customer.


Rosy Blue India is especially well-known for intelligent sourcing and selling of rough diamonds, in line with patterns of demand in polished stones.

Supported by advanced information systems, our people can quickly identify fast-moving and difficult areas of the polished market. This helps ensure accurate pricing and forecasting, and supports our sourcing strategy.

Because of our scale and expertise, and thanks to this vital communication from the customer back upstream to the rough purchasing operations, Rosy Blue India is looked to worldwide as a setter and barometer of diamond prices. We also provide a number of additional rough diamond services:

  • Quality Control on all parcels
  • Sarin grading reports detailing the diameters and potential yields of rough stones
  • Major pointer programmes
  • Arbitrage programmes