We take pride in our high ethical standards, and carefully verify the provenance of all our diamonds.

Rough Diamonds

Being a preferred client of world’s leading rough diamond supplier- De Beers— we have an unrivalled supply of rough diamonds. Such rough supply is further supplemented by participating in tenders and auctions to source rough diamonds specific to clients requirements. In turn, this means we can assure our clients of a consistent, regular supply, well into the future.

Our rough and polished diamond divisions are in real-time synch, which enables us to tailor our manufacturing as much as possible to the demands of our customers at the time.

We also trade in rough diamonds sourced either from other mining companies or from the open market.

Our range of rough diamonds includes:

  • Sawables
  • Makeables
  • Cleavages

Our key production centres in India are in Mumbai and Indore, where our heritage in craftsmanship and expertise meet the most advanced cutting and polishing technology in world.

We screen every diamond we handle, ensuring their ethical origin. This is further supported through a number of third-party assurance programmes, including the Country of Origin and Forevermark programme from De Beers.


Our manufacturing focuses on better-quality well made round diamonds from 0.1 pts to 3 carats.

We handle GIA ‘Triple Excellent’ diamonds, as well as ‘Hearts and Arrows’ stones.

Full product list:

  • Stars
  • Full cuts
  • Melees
  • Pointers
  • Caraters
  • Certificate goods
  • Princess cuts
  • Round-edged fancies
  • Colours and browns